South Asians In Sustainability

Reforming our community to a sustainable future.

Our Mission

We exist to improve the well-being of our South Asian community. We do this by providing sustainable best practices, skills, and resources to empower people to become better social responsible advocates and leaders.

Women are one of the most powerful investments we can make in fortifying our future.

We also aim to deepen the focus and accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strongly believe that investing in girls, children, and women is necessary to build strong economies. Gender equality, access to proper menstrual hygiene, and eradicating poverty are basic humanitarian rights. Sustainability plays an integral part as social development and providing access to our communities is critical more than ever.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire women and children in underprivileged areas of India and US through education, tools, and resources. Our goal is to continue partnering with NGOs and Non-Profit sectors to amplify and sustain the livelihood of our communities.